About Us

With the help of a dedicated, careful team of technicians and product formula specialists, Helen Seward conducts in-house research and development for its complete line of goods with the aim of creating cutting-edge, high-performing products that improve the work of hair stylists. Every step of the production process is carried out using exacting techniques, approved procedures, and the highest levels of quality control. In fact, Helen Seward finds the majority of its resources in Italy, including creativity, technology, materials, and raw materials. Helen Seward has always depended on its roots in the development of its business.

Our Products

Professional hair care products for coloring, treatments, and texture, sun protection and styling, as well as particular products for men's personal care and wellbeing, have been developed on the basis of well-established specific expertise that meets high standards of environmentally friendly effectiveness and safety, all with a dash of Italian glitz.

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If you are a Wholesaler and want to purchase in bundles, please send an email, mentioning the products interested.